FF Zwo

FF Zwo FF Zwo
details about the font
Name FF Zwo [wrong?]
Style Bold [wrong?]
category Serifenlose Linear-Antiqua [wrong?]
designer(s) Jörg Hemker [wrong?]
foundry FontFont [wrong?]
date released 2002 [wrong?]
details about the photo
author bibo
date January 22, 2012 – 13:48
place Eintrachtstr. 53,
44139 Dortmund,

more information about the font

FF Zwo began as a concept based on a constructivist system which was abandoned over time in favour of functionality.
The final result is a very legible and clear typeface, somewhat stout and sturdy, but with a decidedly contemporary
air. The family is large — eight weights, each with italics and small caps. Single-story ‘a’ and ‘g’ alternates are included,
as well as stemless ‘u’.

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