Croissant Croissant
details about the font
Name Croissant [wrong?]
Style Regular [wrong?]
category Schreibschriften [wrong?]
designer(s) Philip Kelly [wrong?]
foundry Linotype Design Studio [wrong?]
date released 1978 [wrong?]
details about the photo
author magda
date February 01, 2012 – 15:36
place Oesterholzstraße 53,
44145 Dortmund,

more information about the font

Phillip Kelly first drew the Croissant typeface in 1978 for Letraset. Back in the 1970s and 80s, Letraset's rubdown lettersheets were a popular means of designing with type. Today, many of these nostalgic classics are available in digital format. Linotype is pleased to re-present Croissant. This experimental typeface is built up out of round, brush-like strokes, creating heavy, and black letters. These forms are best used for display signage and headline text. If you are designing for a local bakery or donut shop, this typeface may be the perfect fit.

The dark, heavy character that Croissant lends to the page is similar to Cooper Black , one of the most renowned American type designs ever produced. If you are looking for a typeface with Croissant's feel, but need to set smaller headlines or text, check out that family's offerings.

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