ITC Motter Corpus

ITC Motter Corpus ITC Motter Corpus
details about the font
Name ITC Motter Corpus [wrong?]
Style Condensed [wrong?]
category Serifenlose Linear-Antiqua [wrong?]
designer(s) Othmar Motter [wrong?]
foundry ITC [wrong?]
date released 1993 [wrong?]
details about the photo
author cndrk
date January 25, 2012 – 00:52
place Oesterholzstraße 51,
44145 Dortmund,

more information about the font

ITC Motter Corpus was designed by the Austrian type designer Othmar Motter in 1993 to combine the display
advantages of a sans serif extra bold design with the legibility of a roman weight. The Motter Corpus is available in the weights
regular and condensed regular. The capitals with their strong strokes display slight irregularities and natural looking outlines.
When used in very large point sizes the tiny serifs become noticeable. Distinguishing characteristics of this typeface are the
unusual design of the g with its upward reaching ear and that of the capital C, whose curve ends in an angular stroke in its
upper third. Almost, but not quite, a sans serif, the typeface has diminutive serifs which, along with its modulated weight contrasts,
make ITC Motter Corpus remarkable legible in display applications and will give text a nostalgic feel. A similar typeface
is Linotype Bariton.

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