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Nimbus Sans B Nimbus Sans B
details about the font
Name Nimbus Sans B [wrong?]
Style Black [wrong?]
category Antiqua-Varianten [wrong?]
designer(s) Max Miedinger [wrong?]
foundry URW Design owner: American Type Founders Company [wrong?]
date released 2000 [wrong?]
details about the photo
author Nasibov
date January 31, 2012 – 20:43
place An der Palmweide 59,
44227 Dortmund,

more information about the font

Displayed Version: Mac & Win OpenType - PostScript Flavor (.otf)
Classification: Transitional
Price: $19,95
Format: OpenType OTF
Version: 1.000
File size: 63,152

Weitere Infos:
URW++ is the successor of the company URW (Unternehmensberatung Rubow Weber — from the
founders’ names), in Hamburg, Germany. Under the technical direction of Peter Karow, this company
led the world in developing digital font technology. Its IKARUS suite of font digitization tools and file
format standards handles fonts as bitmaps, as greyscale (anti-aliased bitmaps), as vector outlines, and
as curved outlines. If a typeface exists on paper, then IKARUS is still the choice of many professionals.
The program uses the unfashionable puck as input method.

The present company continues to market and develop IKARUS (now running on Windows, Macintosh,
and UNIX workstations), as well as LINUS, a logo production tool. The large collection of URW fonts is
sold in single font packs, or in bulk on CDs. The company has a very good reputation in Europe for
quality and attention to the Central European market.

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